Seminar Series

​​The ROOM: Inside & Out **

The ROOM: Inside & Out, co-taught with veteran Casting Director ("CD") Rhavynn Drummer, focuses on TV/Film auditioning. The seminar consists of a lecture on the entire casting process from “role conception” to being “booked” and everything in between… such as: CD character breakdown, CD headshot selection, audition prep methods, relaxation techniques, audition delivery methods, CD do’s & don’ts, post-audition process, CD selection process, and a mock audition with feedback for learning purposes only.

CAMERA READY: an on-camera workshop **

CAMERA READY: an on-camera workshop, co-taught with accomplished veteran Actor/Producer/Educator, Lamman Rucker, is an interactive on-camera seminar. The seminar will unveil, enlighten, and educate on all aspects of working on TV/film sets to help you be more successful after booking a role.  You’ll also learn “the process” from being “booked” to “wrapped” and everything in between, such as: paperwork comprehension, role preparation, performance execution, and set etiquette.  Additionally, for learning purposes only, you will shoot a scene in class and receive a playback critique.

Commercial Audition CONQUEST **

Commercial Audition CONQUEST, co-taught with veteran actor Larry Herring, my GA Lottery Dream Delivery Team co-star, focuses on commercial auditioning. The seminar would consist of a lecture on the various types of commercial auditions an artist can expect (i.e. spokesperson, CD style (one person off-camera), multi-people on camera, reaction shots (no lines), and improv), on-camera mock audition, and a mock audition with feedback for learning purposes only.

the ACTORS' GYMSeminar Series

CAMERA READY: an on-camera workshop
Special Guests:
Christopher Young & Tay Smith, BYSB Talent Agency

WHEN: Sunday, May 5, 2019 @ 12PM - 4:30PM 

INVESTMENTper student (Credit/Debit Cards)*

WHERE: (BUCKHEAD) 3399 Peachtree Rd., Suite 200, Atlanta 

* No transfers or cancellations within 7 days prior to the start of a session.
** This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. 

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